book arts

etc 2013 . concordia international school . shanghai

book \buk\ noun a : a set of written sheets of skin or paper or tablets of wood or ivory b : a set of written, printed, or blank sheets bound together into a volume c : a long written or printed literary composition

How woud you define a book? What is your relationship with books?

create . retell

thursday 28 march . 10:00-11:30 . R407

Stories connect us. The artists we work with, especially the younger ones, come into our classrooms overflowing with stories. I enjoy bookmaking with kids because what we create is something tangible that captures their ideas and highlights the value and importance of their voice and story. Many transferable skills and techniques are developed in the process and book arts is versatile and adaptable to various ages, skill levels and subject areas.

This workshop might be your cup of tea if you:

  • work with elementary students
  • are fond of paper
  • enjoy the tactile experience of manipulating materials and constructing/making
  • are interested in bookmaking for storytelling/collecting/sharing
  • want to investigate bookmaking as an art form with your students

For the teacher in us all ...

The workshop is structured around

  • materials
  • skill/craftsmanship
  • application
  • books as art forms
    • In this workshop we will:

      • Address logistical issues in material prep / process / varying ages / skill levels

          • Identify ways to utilize bookmaking in our classroom / teaching area

              • Make book samples to take back to your classrooms / create a sculptural book form / make a book to collect your learning in the next few days / design and create a new type of book / etc.

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